About Us

Our Mission

L’Héritage Français offers a French immersion program of high academic standards in a safe and nurturing environment to promote resourceful, bilingual students.

Our Difference

L’Héritage Français is a non-profit French/English elementary school located in the city of Whittier in Southern California. Core subjects are taught in accordance with Quebec/France and California standards and include fine arts, physical education, computer applications, and field trips (see additional services.) We boast low student-teacher ratios, rigorous academics and up-to-date educational resources. Our warm and caring staff strives to make each student feel that they are a welcome and important participant in our community.

Through play, exploratory activities, and common social interactions, children are able to gently absorb a new language at their own pace during their preschool years, which prepares them for the more traditional lessons of the elementary grades. By the end of their elementary education, students speak, read and write fluently in both French and English. Our graduates who later attend English-only or French-only schools often become honor students, and many maintain a 4.0 G.P.A. throughout high school.

The school maintains competitive tuition prices to ensure everyone may take advantage of the opportunity for a bilingual education. For more information, contact us. We have open enrollment throughout the year.


Our History

L’Héritage Français was founded in 1998, starting out as a single classroom located in Downey, California. A small group of French Canadian parents and community leaders endeavored to establish a private school based on bilingualism and character development. The school has grown since to gradually incorporate the rest of the elementary grades and also a preschool, a parent co-op for 3 and 4-year-old children. Over the years, the school campus has changed locations, finding its way to accommodate its growing student body. Today, students come to this school not only for the warm, nurturing environment and quality bilingual education it provides, but also to learn compassion, respect, responsibility, and a sense of community, a foundation that will serve them for life.






The Benefits of Learning Two Languages 

  • Develops an openness to and appreciation of other cultures.
  • Improves a child’s self-concept and sense of achievement in school.
  • Knowing a second language as an adult presents a competitive advantage in the workforce and expands job opportunities.
  • Younger children who learn a second language are more likely to have native-like pronunciation. 
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