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New Campus Construction Update/

Dernières nouvelles au sujet de la construction de notre nouvelle école.

The remodeling is well under way and all permits and authorizations have been granted. Our new windows should be installed by the end of this week. The Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) and the cafeteria are about 50% completed and the new bathrooms are expected to be started very soon.

As a result, all classes are expected to start at our new location in La Habra upon return from the Winter Break. 

***Please note that packing will start during the last week of school before Winter Break. Parents who have assigned cleaning or other housekeeping duties during that week will be reassigned to help pack. Please come dressed accordingly.

Parents volunteers needed

At this time our school staff is assessing the teachers’ availability and the packing/unpacking needs to start coordinating the move while creating the least amount of disturbance for our students.

If you have time to spare during that week (during or after school time) or during the winter vacations and can help out with packing and/or unpacking please indicate you availability to Mme Laporte in the front office so you can get assigned to one or several of the packing/unpacking shifts.

Friends and family members (no young children please) are welcome. The more volunteers we have and the more we can get accomplished in this short amount of time.

**Empty boxes and packing materials needed

As our big move is getting closer we will need a lot of boxes. All sizes are needed, but especially ones that can easily be carried.

Please start safekeeping and recycling any clean boxes you might have. Please keep your boxes and clean packaging materials (bubble wrap, paper,…) from any online order you might receive. Diaper boxes also make for great packing boxes. If you go to one of the big warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s club try to get boxes that can actually be closed back rather than trays to pack your purchases. Do not hesitate to ask your local supermarket or your work place if they might have some clean used boxes that you could collect.

You can drop the boxes and packaging material to the school as you are collecting them.

The school will also gladly accept donations of tape guns and rolls of packing tape to seal those boxes.

Thank you for all your help, it is always appreciated! Together we can make a difference for your children!