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Pour Nos Enfants, or PNE, is the fundraising entity of our school.
This is a group of parents and friends whose goal is to generate funds. They also provide support during school events such as Autumn Festival, Jog-a-thon, book fairs (English and French), etc.
Each classroom has a room-parent member of P.N.E who is chosen at the first P.N.E. meeting in the first weeks of school.
Room-parents provide assistance to the teacher such as during cooking or art activities and can help chaperone when the class takes a field trip. Room-parents and volunteers always act under the direction of the classroom teacher.


PNE News!!!!

Dear L’Héritage Français Families:

The PNE is an organization that combines the efforts of parent volunteers, teachers, and administrators to enhance the school experience for our children. We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Laura Wilbur is our new PNE Coordinator for the 2018-2019 school year. She can be reached at PNE@heritagefrancais .org with any questions, suggestions, or ideas. She can also be reached through the school office.

Please help us support Mrs. Laura Wilbur and her team… together we can make a difference.
We, at L’Héritage Français, are excited for rest of the year.

Wonderland Dance Party

Bake sale Request


Upcoming Fundraisers:



Current Fundraisers:







We are happy to announce that the student-run fundraiser, lead by Mrs. Monica Olea.
Le Petit Bistro, will be open every Tuesday from 3-3:30pm.
The little store is run by the 6th grade class
and the proceeds will benefit the MPR upgrades.


You can click on the link below in order to learn how you can update your Escrip subscriptions so that L’Héritage Français will continue to be your school of choice for rewards programs.



Bring all your BoxTops once a month to support our school, which purchase specific material to your child’s classroom.



We have an ongoing fundraiser that helps you to declutter your home and in turn, helps us earn money for our school!

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Go to our school’s Schoola page and purchase items
  • Order a free bag from the Schoola website and fill it with specific items you want to donate to sell on the site.
  • Our school will be having a few clothes drives in the coming weeks and months so you can hand over your old clothes and we will take care of the shipping for  you!

—->Click here for Schoola <—-


shoparoo_appiconShoparoo is an App that can be downloaded onto your cell phone or tablet that can be used to take photos of receipts to a wide variety of stores in order to earn points for our school. We earn points based on the receipts that are submitted. The more points we earn, the more funds we raise for our school! Easy as that!