In order to facilitate our photo collection process throughout this school year, the yearbook coordinator has created an email address for the L’HF Yearbook. Throughout the year, parents and teachers can submit photos of children taken in the classroom environment, on the playground, on field trips, at assemblies and during special events to this email address. That way, we can better assess the photos of the students and classes we have in order to fairly represent each class’ activities.
Cell phone photos have also been submitted for use in past yearbooks and those have worked beautifully. Just snap and send it off right away in an email to LHFYearbookStaff@gmail .com!! Easy as that!


Please keep the following in mind as you collect and send photos:
  • Send only those pictures you’d like to be considered for the yearbook.
  • Do not send entire albums or links to albums. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of photos to sift through so this becomes too difficult.
  • Take pictures of all events and visits not just the big, formal classroom parties.
  • Include a variety of students in your photos.
  • When sending photos, include the grade level and teacher.
  • Photos can also be submitted on a flash drive or CD through the school office.
  • We will try our very best to get all submitted pictures in the yearbook but cannot guarantee it.


We thank you for your help as we don’t want to miss any special moments in our 2018-2019 book!