• Preschool - 100% French Immersion 

    Preschool Ages:

    2 yrs 9 months 

    - 4 years old

    L'Héritage Français offers a French Immersion program of the highest academic standards in a safe and nurturing environment to develop resourceful, bilingual students.

    Our Preschool is 100% Immersion in the French Language.

    Children are submerged in a warm, enriching environment with an excellent program that includes vocabulary and language development, math, music, art, movement and more, all in 100% French!

    Children also benefit from the opportunity to interact with peers and develop their social-emotional skills. At the same time, they experience the joy of learning each day as they expand their imaginations and creativity and abound in new and exciting knowledge.


    This program provides a strong base in preparation for kindergarten and elementary school. Children with little to no French background that begin in our Preschool are very comfortable and transition with ease as they move up from grade level to grade level each year in our bilingual program.


    Full & half-day programs available.

  • Elementary School


    1st - 6th Grades

    Elementary school is an important time in a child’s life. The curriculum of elementary school relies on the traditional essentials of reading, writing and mathematics. Because our children come from many nations, we stress social studies and the concept that we are all citizens of the world.


    We also emphasize traditional preparation for further education such as work and study habits, neatness, intellectual discipline and a respect for each other.


    It is also a time when students have the freedom to learn in a safe and nurturing environment, while still being guided with structure and care with a bilingual curriculum.


    Each language reinforces one another and streamlines into a lifetime understanding of knowledge and connections which would not be available in a traditional monolingual setting. Both the English and French sections of school work are equally divided in time each day.  Subjects covered are English and French grammar, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, History, Art, Computer Science, Music, and Physical Education.


    Students learn from many resources as our campus has a Full Bilingual Library, Computer Lab, Science Center, Full Size Gymnasium and Performing Center.

  • Music


    30 Minute Class

    Singing in choir promotes academic achievement. The benefits of student learning experiences in the arts are many such as:

    Academic—improved reading/language and mathematics skills 

    Comprehensive—help to create a learning environment conducive to teacher and student success.

    Teacher innovation

    Effective instructional practice 

    School identity

    Singing in choir builds success skills. According to multiple studies, the benefits of arts for students include:

    Thinking skills (reasoning, intuition, perception, imagination, creativity, problem-solving)

    Social skills (self-confidence, self-control, empathy, social tolerance) 

    Motivation to learn (active engagement, sustained attention, persistence)

    The Comparative Advantages of Choruses

    1. Everyone has a voice.

    2. That voice comes free – no purchase necessary.

    3. That voice is portable – no special travel requirements.

    4. That voice is highly flexible – all music can be sung.

    5. Choral music has rhythms and words. Reading, counting, comprehension, foreign languages, expression.

    6. Choral music has messages and meaning. From discovering folk traditions and world music to singing about social justice and civil rights, choral music provides a powerful means of cultural and historical expression…people sing about something.

    7. Choral singing is a collaborative endeavor…we sing together.

    8. Choral singing can be taught in ways that work for all kinds of learners.

    9. Choral singing is a very cost-effective form of arts education.

    10. Choral singing is a lifelong activity.

    Singing in a choir helps students succeed: • In school • In work • In life

  • Physical Education

    Twice per week

    Of the many subjects children study in school, there may be none more important than physical education. A quality physical education program offers children opportunities to develop the skills, concepts, and dispositions needed to be physically active for life, along with learning to be a team player. It is taught in a dual language setting to encourage quick thinking to changing conditions.


    Enough regular physical activity not only helps prevent major diseases, but it also promotes learning, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. It also improves overall student wellness and reinforces positive behavior.


    It doesn’t matter if the child excels in every other subject in school and grows up to become a successful professional, with poor health any professional achievement becomes secondary.


    Here at L’Héritage Français, all students are engaged twice a week for 45 minutes in each session, in a structured and rigorous fashion to learn about sports, different games and approaches to physical fitness. Not to mention the benefits of team play along with hand and eye coordination.


Giving your Child 

a Bilingual Future

  • Develops an openness and appreciation of other cultures.

  • Improves a child’s self-concept and sense of achievement in school.

  • Younger children who learn a second language are more likely to have native-like pronunciation. 

  • Knowing a second language as an adult presents a competitive advantage in the workforce and expands job opportunities.

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