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Now Enrolling!
School Year
*limited positions available

 * Not all applications will be accepted based on availability


Now Accepting applications for Preschool and Kindergarten

for Academic School Year 2024-2025


Enrollment is open for Preschool and Kindergarten

and some elementary grades

(Inquire for 1st through 3rd grade)

Come and see what a quality and affordable program is

Book a Tour and see for yourself!

*All vaccinations must be up to date and current to attend or apply

Our Academics


Grammar is taught in both languages. Equal time is spent with each, and as students progress, they compliment each other for a true understanding of each language.


The skills needed to communicate in writing effectively and clearly is the objective. In learning the roots of the words and sentence structure properly, much time is spent in this area.


A full course of mathematics that build upon facts and principals to grow and apply in everyday use. Fundamentals are emphasized in order to understand how to  apply in the Sciences, Computing etc.


Sciences are not only used in the lab, but in the real world also. To appreciate all that is around us, basic science is taught that builds a solid base for higher learning in later years.

Social Studies

Social Studies and History are core subjects taught in English. It covers all areas required from the Sate of California, also with North American, European and an emphasis of the world as a whole, to instill a global vision for our students.

Physical Education

Exercise, teamwork and friendly competition twice a week for all grade levels. Sports are instructed in 5 week blocks. 

Preschool instruction focuses on hand and eye coordination and listening to instructions.


We offer a weekly choir program for our preschoolers all the way to grade 6. Instructed and led by a qualified and enthusiastic music teacher. Followed by 3 yearly concerts in our performance hall.

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L’Héritage Français is a

Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 School.

L'Heritage Francais is a non-profit school, which means that rather than focusing on generating profits, our primary objective is to provide a full educational experience to each attending student. As a registered 501 (c) 3, our school must comply with oversight by a board of directors which ensure our mission is fulfilled.

The school maintains very competitive tuition rates to ensure everyone may take advantage of the opportunity for a quality bilingual education. We also have open enrollment throughout the year.


Core subjects are taught in accordance with France/Quebec and California standards. Our curriculum also includes the Fine Arts, Music, Physical Education, Computer Science, Science Lab and Field Trips. We boast low student-teacher ratios, rigorous academics and up-to-date educational resources. Our warm and caring staff are all native French speakers and strive to make each student feel that they are a welcome and important participant in our community.


At the preschool level, through play, exploratory activities, and common social interactions, children can gently absorb a new language at their own pace, which prepares them for the more traditional lessons during the elementary grades. By the end of their elementary education, students speak, read, write and conceptualize fluently in both French and English. 


Our graduates who later attend English-only or French-only schools often become honor students, and many maintain a 4.0 G.P.A. throughout high school.

Our School at a Glance


Previous French Language

is not required for our preschool or Kindergarten classes


100% French Immersion

3 - 5 year olds 

*Potty Training Required


1st - 6th Grade

Ages 5 - 12


Children bring their own snack and lunch Monday thru Thursday

*Hot Lunch is prepared in house and served on Fridays*


8:00am Doors Open

8:15am School Starts

4:00pm School ends

Peace of Mind

Our school is a closed campus.

Security cameras and staff

monitor the entire campus.

 Anyone entering must check-in

through the Main Office before being admitted into or onto the school grounds

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